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Former Woodford Reserve General Manager is back as Boondocks Master Distiller!

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 Dave Scheurich is the owner of High Spirits Enterprise LLC, a distillery consultant business.  He helps entrepreneurs who want to enter the micro-distillery business through the development of business plans, distillery layout and design, operational management, project management and product creation.  He makes presentations on the history of bourbon, how bourbon is made and how to judge bourbons and conducts Bourbon 101 classes. 

Dave is the retired General Manager and Distillery Manager for The Woodford Reserve Distillery.  He was the project manager for the major renovation of the distillery, a Historic National Landmark, and was directly involved in the conception, creation and development of both Woodford Reserve bourbon and its homeplace.   

His work experience includes bottling, distillery and other production and facility management roles for the Brown-Forman Corporation, Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Wild Turkey Distillery and 7-UP of Detroit.  Dave is currently the Master Distiller for Boondocks American Whiskey and has helped numerous micro distilleries come to life.  

Dave has a Master of Business Administration degree from Bellarmine University and was named the recipient of Whiskey Advocate magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.